Users refer to all types of users using in your Lead Manager CRM, like Agents and Lenders. Some users could also be an Admin, which means they have full control over all settings and all other users. Admins can add and remove other users.

User Object

Field name Type Description
id string
role string “Agent” or “Lender”
admin boolean Flag indicating if this user is also an Admin in the Lead Manager CRM
name string Full name of this user in the Lead Manager CRM
email string Notification Email Address saved in the Lead Manager CRM for this user
signature string Email signature configurable in the Lead Manager CRM used when emails are sent to leads by the system

Accessing users

We provide a url to get the current list of users from Real Geeks:{site_uuid}/users

will return a list of User objects.

We also provide a user_updated request type in our Outgoing API to help keep third party systems in sync.

We don’t support requests to update a user inside Real Geeks yet.

Assigning leads to users

Leads can be assigned to users using the was_assigned activity of our API, see our blog post for details.