New assignment activities

We now offer new activities in the Outgoing Leads API with real-time information about lead assignment.

Manual and Automatic Assignment

A lead could be assigned to an Agent in the Lead Manager CRM in one of two ways: automatic or manual. Automatic lead assignment – standard Round-Robin, weighted or geographic – happens instantly the moment the lead is saved in the Lead Manager CRM and manual assignment requires human interaction.

Lead was assigned

When a lead is assigned, either automatically or manually, your destination will receive an activity with type set to "was_assigned". Keep in mind that this activity could be in the activities list of the new Lead or standalone in a "activity_added" request.

Here is an example "was_assigned" activity:

   "type": "was_assigned",
   "source": "LeadManager",
   "description": "Lead was assigned to Jack Johnson",
   "created": "2016-07-06T23:51:00.052125851Z",
   "user": {
    "id": "14187",
    "role": "Agent",
    "name": "Jack Johnson",
    "email": ""

A similar activity is sent when a lead is reassigned to another Agent. In this case the description will contains a summary of what happened, like
“Lead was assigned from Jack Johnson to Jason Mraz”.

Lead was unassigned

There is a specific activity for when a lead is unassigned, "was_unassigned"

   "type": "was_unassigned",
   "source": "LeadManager",
   "description": "Lead was unassigned from Jason Mraz",
   "created": "2016-07-06T23:20:54.030179169Z"

Manual assignment

When automatic lead assignment is not configured with Round-Robin the assignment will be manual in the Lead Manager CRM. Since this manual process could potentially take a long time when a lead created in the Lead Manager CRM and the assignment will be manual a new activity is sent: "waiting_for_manual_assignment"

   "type": "waiting_for_manual_assignment",
   "source": "LeadManager",
   "description": "Lead was created without being assigned to an agent",
   "created": "2016-07-06T23:21:44.858339012Z"


These new activity types are a big step towards making lead assignment extensible within Real Geeks. Now other lead destinations have assignment information in real-time. The next steps are:

  • Allow clients to change lead assignment using the Incoming Leads API by sending these activity types.
  • Allow destinations and/or clients to decide if leads should wait to be assigned before sending them. This way destinations can receive only assigned leads.