New field “notes” added to Lead

We added a new field notes to the Lead object, corresponding to the Notes field of the Important Notes section in the lead details page of the Lead Manager CRM

Screenshot 2017-05-03 10.59.39

This field can be sent when creating or updating a lead using the Incoming API and will also be available in our Outgoing API.

Example request:

curl -X POST '{site-uuid}/leads' \
    -u '{user}:{pass}' -v \
    -d '{
            "email": "",
            "notes": "Important notes..."

We still have the activity of type note. These activities will be in the lead’s activity history, they don’t change the Notes field.

Here is an example of a note activity:

curl -X POST '{site-uuid}/leads/{lead-id}/activities' \
    -u '{user}:{pass}' -v \
    -d '[
                "type": "note",
                "description": "more notes...",
                "source": "Dialer"

Screenshot 2017-05-03 11.11.10

This field is also available in our Zapier app.

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